Rush2Health, is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes, more specifically to engage the citizens of Rush County to improve the health of our community in all ways – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental.


  • Improve Rush County’s trail connectivity and walkability.

  • Create community environments that promote healthy food and beverage choices and physical activity.


  • Work with the city and community partners to improve walkable access to parks and recreation opportunities by 2025.

  • Reduce the percentage of adults who are overweight by 5% by 2025.

    Rush2Health meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 4:15 pm at Rush Memorial Hospital in the Cultivation Room

Highlights/Past Projects

Rush2Health Guide 2019/2020 (July 2019)

Blessing Box (June 2019)

Health Coalition Survey Follow-Up Year 1 (April 2019)

Needs Assessment Follow-Up Year 1 (March 2019 – May 2019)

Walk2School Day (October 2018)

LionStrong Afterschool Nutrition Program for RCHS Athletes (August 2018)

Rush2Health Guide 2018/2019 (July 2018)

Community Gardens (June 2018)

Sunblock Dispensers (June 2018)

Health Coalition Survey (February 2018)

Needs Assessments (November 2017 – March 2018)

Walk2School Day (October 2017)

Active Living Workshop (March 2016)

Mile Markers (2015)

Family Fitness Fair (August 2014)

Circle Grant (2014)

Fitness Initiative Team, F.I.T (2012)

Community Conversation Health Summit (2011)

Purdue Health Technical Assistance (2010)

Questions? Contact Rush2Health President, Dixie Meyer