Suicide Prevention Across Rush County, began as a collaboration and with a fund started in honor of Drew Hahn, provides needed resources to reach the goal to end suicides in our community by reducing barriers to care and increasing awareness and education through prevention efforts.

This fund was established in 2018 in collaboration with Suicide Prevention Across Rush County (SPARC) in honor of Drew Hahn and the collaborative approach from concerned community members, organizations, and individuals.

This collaboration included; Rush Memorial Hospital, Centerstone, Rush County Schools and community members recognized that suicide and attempted suicide harm individuals, families, and the community at large.  Drew Hahn, a Rush County native and suicide prevention activist, committed to efforts with youth in our community to bring attention to the need for suicide prevention services for our area.

The SPARC Fund strives to have resources needed to prevent and end suicides in the community by reducing the barriers to care through this collaborative work. This fund is a part of the Healthy Community Funds of the Rush Memorial Hospital Foundation.