RMH Hospice Helps Families In Need

comfortThis article originally appeared in the Rushville Republican on 3/15/2016

Experiencing the end of life is a time of decisions, comfort, and care for loved ones.  In the past choices were limited to where families and patients could be placed in hospice care.  Rush Memorial Hospital began working with Premier Hospice of Carmel, Indiana to provide hospice care on the Med/Surg floor of Rush Memorial Hospital.  The partnership has been so successful that Rush Memorial now provides in house hospice care to patients in need.  Beginning in late 2014 patients can experience end of life in a setting that provides the best care for their needs right here at home. When symptoms become unmanageable at home the patient may be admitted to the RMH Hospice Care and have medical assistance to care for their needs. The RMH Hospice program has been so successful that they have received the Premier Hospice Bridge Award for excellence and commitment to end of life care.  Vice President of Nursing, Carrie Tressler and RMH Hospice Coordinator Janie Manning received the award on behalf of the hospice staff and hospital.

The RMH Foundation in response to family requests has created the RMH Hospice Fund.  The purpose of the fund is to give grateful families and our community a way to honor the care received in RMH Hospice.  These tax deductible gifts will in turn be used for needs in the RMH Hospice rooms and areas.  Recently a room has been prepared for families to have a quiet and private place to go.  Needs specifically to families will be considered in the future as the RMH Hospice area expands.  Gifts can be made at any time to the RMH Foundation at 1300 North Main Street, P.O. Box 215, Rushville, Indiana 46173.   If writing a check please write on your memo line:  RMH Hospice Fund.

This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hospice patients and families when dealing with end of life circumstances.  You gifts do make a difference.  Please consider a gift today.  For more information contact Faith Mock, RMH Foundation Director, at 765-932-7568.