RMH Foundation Creates Legacy for Healthcare

In 2005 the Rush Memorial Hospital Foundation was formed. Founding members were John Byrne, Shannon Cagle Dawson, Doug Gosser, Linda Levi, Marcia Blair, Julie Dragoo, Karen Meyer, Jason Clemmons, Kevin Snyder, Brad Smith, and Avy Leissring Dare as Foundation Director.  Many great projects have been funded at Rush Memorial Hospital through the efforts of the RMH Foundation.  Expansions to the hospital including the Medical Office Building and the RMH Pediatrics Office have been spearheaded by the RMH Foundation.

Today with over $2 million raised the RMH Foundation is continuing to support the mission, vision, and goals of Rush Memorial Hospital. Besides the capital campaigns for new buildings monies are also raised through fundraising efforts and donations for new hospital equipment, department renovations, new patient services, patient financial assistance, scholarships, and any other needs as requested by Rush Memorial Hospital.  The RMH Foundation is where donors can make tax deductible contributions that are used to better the health of our community and surrounding communities.  Rush Memorial Hospital is continuing to be “Committed to You.  Close to Home” because of your support.

Without the giving of incredible donors the RMH Foundation would not be able to financially support improvements, expanded services, and new services at Rush Memorial. With your help Rush Memorial Hospital continues to provide state of the art and varied health services to its patients and guests.  Tax deductible donations of any amount are appreciated and needed to continue to provide the best patient experience at Rush Memorial Hospital.  What have donor gifts provided in the past?  The Medical Office Building (including the Sheehan Cancer Center), the RMH Pediatric Office Building, digital mammography, new Dietary and Surgery departments equipment, RMH Hospice Care, assistance to local cancer patients in financial need, educational scholarships for graduating RCHS seniors and RMH employees, books for our RMH pediatric patients, diabetic education opportunities for our patients, heart health education to our community, and more.  What is coming in the future?  Through fundraising efforts donors will be providing a new RMH Shuttle service and bring pediatric cardiac screening by way of gifts given to the Jake McKee Heart of Gold Fund.  Your monetary gifts are making a difference in the health of our community and in lives every day!

Today the RMH Foundation Board is comprised of volunteers that have made a commitment to supporting community health and Rush Memorial Hospital. Many thanks to the following 2016 RMH Foundation Board members:  Linda Levi, Elbert Gordon, Nancy Rice, Julie Dragoo, Brian Bess, Eleanor Columbe, Jo Paul, Shannon Dawson, John Byrne, Paul Barada, Sr., Meredith Federle, Karen Meyer, Tori Gardner, Brad Smith, Tim Yazel, Paul Barada, Jr.(legal advisor), Faith Mock (RMH Foundation Director) and Mary Frances Friedl (RMH Foundation Administrative Assistant).  Making a tax deductible gift to the RMH Foundation is easy.  One time or recurring gifts can be made online at www.rushmemorial.com/foundation or checks can be written payable to:  RMH Foundation (include the fund name in the memo section) and mailed to RMH Foundation, 1300 North Main Street, P.O. Box 215, Rushville, Indiana 46173.  Tax saving planned gifts can be created working with your financial advisor to designate the RMH Foundation as a beneficiary of your philanthropy.  Our farm community may also give tax saving gifts of grain through any of the local grain elevators.  No gift is too small and gifts of every size are acknowledged in writing by the RMH Foundation.  “Many thanks are extended to those that have supported the RMH Foundation in the past.  Your gifts have allowed us to accomplish great things at Rush Memorial.  We welcome new donors that wish to give back to their community through providing great health opportunities for generations to come.  It is a wonderful way to leave a lasting legacy!” stated Faith Mock, RMH Foundation Director.  For additional information or answers to questions call the RMH Foundation at 765-932-7568.